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Biometric Access Control Systems Dubai by ZKTeco

ZKTeco is one of the leading access control system companies in UAE that designs, develops and manufactures premier quality and intelligent access control systems in Dubai. At present, we supply our products to more than 500 corporations located in around 100 different countries.


Access control is very important in terms of maintaining security and preventing unauthorized entries and access. The biometric access control systems Dubai manufactured by us are powered by advanced web-based software platforms and comprises of sensors for scanning, identification and verification of biometric markers. These include fingerprints, facial features, iris, palm and biometric cards. These markers are necessary for the identification of the people who are allowed access to high security areas and spaces.

Acquire Efficient and Smart Access Control Systems in Dubai

As one of the leading door access control system suppliers in Dubai, we promise quality, durability and innovation to our clients based all across the globe. With the high definition designs and advanced technical solutions for enhanced security access control and identification authorization, we at ZKTeco help you find the perfect solution for your facility – a solution that best matches your individual needs.

Specialized Systems of Biometric Access Control in Dubai

We have been providing high quality biometric access control systems to the global market since the 1990’s and hence regard ourselves as one of the pioneers when it comes to this line of products. It is our dedication that has helped us build an outstanding reputation as one of the top access control system companies in UAE and across the world. Our access control product line is composed of standalone access control terminals, networked access control panels, readers, guard patrols, and accessories which can all be used to control authorized and unauthorized access of any given premises. We have also developed a web-based security management platform on which we can connect our access control terminals.

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