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ZKTeco Brings a Range of Fingerprint Attendance Systems

ZKTeco is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of premier quality biometric verification systems and time attendance machines to some of the top global enterprises and corporations. We provide a range of biometric attendance systems for additional security, authorized access control and easy attendance management to corporations across the world.


One type of biometric attendance systems that we offer is the fingerprint attendance system. It is comprised of sensors for fingerprint detection and is backed up with a web-based software platform that stores fingerprint and identification details of the staff members. Each one of our fingerprint attendance machines are easy to use, hi-tech and easily deployable and are designed to meet all types of security needs and requirements.

We Provide Fingerprint Attendance Systems in UAE & Across the Globe

AT ZKTeco, we place special emphasis on quality, innovation and excellence. We aim to deliver solutions that are effective and intelligent. Our fingerprint attendance systems UAE are designed using advanced technology and we have been delivering these to a global clientele since the 1990’s.

Our fingerprint attendance solutions have been part of the everyday lives of most businesses. We offer a comprehensive solution comprised of multi-biometric time attendance machine, centralized time and attendance software, and time and attendance mobile application. Most of our attendance devices feature built-in access control as well.

Solutions for Smart Verification, Access Control and Attendance Systems

Our fingerprint attendance machines are easy to use, easy to deploy and highly compatible. These are perfect for efficient management of security, time and attendance systems in corporations and offices worldwide.

Partner up with us for smart solutions for all your security and authorization needs in the UAE and beyond.

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