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ZKTeco is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers around the globe that brings a comprehensive range of access control systems and security solutions for global enterprises, corporations and facilities located in more than 100 different countries around the world. Amongst our range of products, we also offer high performance X-Ray baggage scanners that are being widely used in multiple applications worldwide in order to maintain the security needs and prevent unauthorized access of illegal and dangerous items.


Partner with ZKTeco to receive state-of-the-art X-Ray baggage scanner machines in the UAE and beyond.

Control the Transportation of Illegal Items with X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems

X Ray baggage inspection systems are particularly applicable in banks, airports and multinational firms and companies. This system is comprised of high imaging optical cameras and scanners that are sensitive to metallic objects and other harmful elements, such as weapons. The scanners detect these items while the baggage passes through them and give off an alert if anything is found.

Backed with high powered technology and AI systems, our x-ray baggage scanner machines are smart, efficient and reliable. They are also easily deployable, scalable and easy to navigate as well.

We Excel at Offering High End Security Solutions

ZKTeco has been a name for quality, innovation and excellence for many years. With our premier class services and security solutions, we have earned a reputation as the leading suppliers of high end X-Ray baggage inspection systems in not only the UAE, but more than 100 different countries across the world as well. Moreover, we promise an extraordinary user experience and premier class, innovative services and security solutions. Our clients also get to benefit from outstanding customer services.

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