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ZKTeco Offers Face Recognition Access Control Solutions for Higher Security

ZKTeco is a global enterprise that deals in specialized security access control systems and software solutions, including biometric verification applications, such as face recognition security systems and attendance systems. The biometric face recognition devices designed and developed by us are powered by advanced software and are comprised of special sensors and infrared cameras for effective, smart and secure access control in buildings and corporations that demand higher security to prevent theft, bigotry or unauthorized access.


Partner up with us today to benefit from integrated face recognition access control solutions for your enterprise. We guarantee to deliver complete biometric and security solutions that best meet your security needs, irrespective of your service industry.

Ensure Smooth Business Operations with Our Face Recognition Attendance System

Face recognition is one of the most effective and accurate means of ensuring access control. The software includes a cloud database that saves the facial coordinates and unique features of the staff members that are granted access by the business. The cameras and sensors detect the coordinates of the face and the system verifies these with the ones saved in the database.

Our biometric face recognition devices are suitable for gated access control and attendance systems in industries, banks, hospitals, pharmacies, government buildings and military zones. We take pride in fulfilling the access control needs of more than 500 global enterprises based in more than 100 different countries across the world and wish to transform the society through technology and innovation. We have been offering biometric solutions since the 1990s, and take pride in being one of the pioneers of these product lines.

Enjoy Premier Quality, Contactless Access Control Solutions Worldwide

We strive hard to provide quality, durability and efficiency through high-end and state-of-the-art face recognition attendance systems and biometric face recognition devices. Our integrated systems and software are being utilized by leading institutions, corporations, buildings and offices around the globe to meet their special access and security needs for better, efficient and intelligent authorization and access control.

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