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Invest in an RFID Gate Access Control System to Ensure Security

ZKTeco is a multinational firm that designs, manufactures and supplies premier quality equipment and hi-tech software programs worldwide for effective security. Our solutions are functional, efficient and user friendly. We integrate advanced technology and modern designs to develop high powered systems that are well connected and accurate.


Being leading suppliers of superior class security systems to the top enterprises and facilities around the globe, we guarantee quality and innovation in our highly integrated RFID based door access control system. This system is designed to control, monitor and prevent unauthorized access to special security zones and guarded facilities for high level security. Our RFID gate access control system also allows you to manage single door, double doors and multi door access single handedly.

We Deliver Cutting Edge RFID Access Control Solutions Worldwide

The RFID gate access control system provided by us is designed using advanced technology and software, such as biometric verification core techniques that include identification authorization, facial recognition, smart card readers and surveillance systems. These further feature ZKTeco+ Cloud Platform empowered core techniques, smart terminals and software platforms also known as smart office application that comprises of cloud based systems, databases and drive networks.

The integration of all these techniques within a single RFID access control system allows the business owners to regulate, monitor and control gate access, security concerns, data storage, evaluation and analysis and staff management. At ZKTeco, we also offer other types of RFID access control systems, including RFID vehicle access control systems and elevator RFID access control systems.

We first developed our access control solutions back in the 1990s, and are hence regarded as one of the pioneers in the market when it comes to these product lines. We also have a developed web-based security management platform from where we can connect multiple access control terminals.

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