ZKBioGo App
ZKBioGo App
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  • Secure Safe

ZKBioGO is an app for smartphone and other mobile devices which can communicate with both single door controller and multi-door controller to securely open a door or gate.


Leverages standard communications technologies to support Android operating systems for a mobile solution that is easy to deploy and manage.


Anytime, anywhere, open the door which you want.

Secure safe

Encryption mechanism for connection and data delivery.



SDK version

Standalone Communication SDK

Support devices and firmware

MA300-Ver6.60 Mar 18 2013

TF1700-Ver 6.64.0012 May 16 2014 (Pull Version)

C3 series-AC Ver 4.3.3 Aug 29 2014

Inbio series-AC Ver 5.2.2 Jul 16 2014

Android OS Requirement

Android 4.0 Above

Support Smart phone & Tablet CPU

armeabi, armeabi-v7a, mips, x86


Support terminal screen self-adaption for both smart phone and tablet

Tested Brand

nexus 5.0, nexus 7.0,MI 2, Samsung GT-19308, Huawei Honor, HTC-ONEX

ZKBioGo App

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