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As the leading suppliers of smart and innovative security systems and access control solutions in the UAE and more than 100 different countries across the globe, ZKTeco has earned a worldwide reputation for its product line. We offer multiple solutions, including, customized biometric systems and highly efficient time attendance systems in Dubai.


Each one of our time attendance machines are user-friendly, easily deployable and backed up with intelligent cloud database platforms that are able to identify staff members through biometric markers. These include fingerprints, facial features, iris scan, cards and more. Our systems mark employee attendance for the day and provide detailed information about reporting time and leaving time. This allows the employers to effectively manage the attendance system and prevents them from overpaying the wages.

Moreover, it is also a smart verification tool that provides access control for all kinds of security needs and concerns.

Manage Your Staff’s Attendance with Our Time Attendance Machines

The biometric time attendance systems in Dubai that we offer are efficient, compatible and user friendly. These are designed using advanced technology and innovative methodologies to ensure accurate and quick biometric verification and time attendance Dubai. This system works the best for enterprises and corporations that demand higher security and efficient attendance management systems that are scalable and can be easily tracked.

We present a comprehensive solution consisting of a multi-biometric time attendance machines, centralized time and attendance software, and time and attendance mobile application. Most of our time and attendance devices feature built-in access control. This means that there is no need for you to worry about having to purchase two separate devices, they can get both in one device.

We Offer Premier Quality Solutions for Time attendance Dubai

At ZKTeco, we strive to acquire maximum client satisfaction by providing solutions that are effective, high quality and intelligent. With years of experience in the field and a huge client base comprising of more than 500 global enterprises, our team aims to transform societal security needs through technology, quality and innovation.

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