License Plate Recognition System | Automatic Number Plate Recognition

High Performance License Plate Recognition Systems

License plate recognition is an important vehicle inspection system that is used in multiple applications, such as entrance admission, parking control, road traffic control, speed control and security. These are special software programs that identify the license plate number of moving vehicles with the help of digital images captured by high performance optical cameras and video surveillance systems.


At ZKTeco, we offer efficient, smart and premier quality license plate recognition systems that can be fully customized to meet your security needs and concerns. Backed with advanced AI systems and paired with cutting-edge technology and versatile designs make our license plate recognition systems reliable, compatible and effective.

We Offer Smart Solutions for Automatic Number Plate Recognition

The number one aim for us is to deliver security solutions through innovation and technology. The license plate recognition system that we provide identifies the vehicle’s license number and counters any kinds of potential threats to the surroundings.

The license number identified by this system can be used to find out information regarding unknown vehicles, such as the owner’s name, car model, colour and other legal details. This plays a vital role in identifying the driver and maintaining the security of the premises by controlling unauthorized access.

Premier Quality Vehicle Inspection Systems for Improved Security

As the leading suppliers of high-end security solutions and systems to major corporations and enterprises across the globe, ZKTeco is a name synonymous with quality, innovation and excellence. We use advanced technology and hi-tech system software to improve the security and safety measures of any given area. These include license recognition systems and automatic number plate recognition systems as well.

Partner up with Zkteco for cutting-edge, easily deployable, scalable, easily tracked and customized vehicle inspection systems in the UAE and all across the globe.

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