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As the leading manufacturers and global suppliers of premier quality CCTV camera systems and surveillance solutions, ZKTeco brings integrated and hi-tech systems and products for all your security needs.


CCTV cameras are the most important elements in security management and surveillance control of multiple government and military facilities, industrial and business corporations, public areas and residential buildings around the world. At ZKteco, we offer a comprehensive range of high definition CCTV cameras in Dubai integrated with advanced technology and cloud based software for enhanced and effective digital system security. Most importantly, we are locally available in the Middle East to provide sales and technical support whenever required.

Choose from Our Assortment of High Resolution CCTV Cameras in Dubai

ZKTeco is proud to put forth an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge security solutions. This includes our extensive range of high powered surveillance systems and CCTV cameras in Dubai. Our comprehensive product line is comprised of a variety of CCTV camera types, including analogue & IP CCTV cameras, Indoor & Outdoor Cameras, Access Control Locks, HID Card Readers, PTZ Cameras, Fish Eye Cameras, Dual Authentication ACC, Network ACC, Biometric ACC, home automation solutions and related accessories.

Each one of our CCTV camera systems are backed up with cloud based software, data analysis programs, identification authorization systems and network drives. This allows the clients to monitor the area from any remote location and back up and retrieve important information when required.

We Provide Advanced Solutions for All Your Security Needs

At ZKTeco, we are committed to delivering innovative and premier quality security solutions for high-end facilities and enterprises around the globe. We strive to meet our clients’ needs by optimizing security systems in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness for enhanced surveillance. As trusted & highly experienced CCTV camera suppliers in Dubai and across the world, we offer quality, accuracy and technical expertise by upholding the vision of 'Responsibility, Integrity, Pragmatism, and Excellence'.

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