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ZKTeco - Leading Suppliers of High-End Biometric Attendance Systems

ZKTeco is one of the top suppliers and providers of access control systems and hi- tech security solutions to renowned industries, corporations and institutions that demand authorized access, time and attendance systems for efficient management.


The biometric attendance system that is designed, developed and manufactured by us is powered by innovative, advanced web-based software and biometric verification programs. This includes fingerprint, facial, palm, and retinal recognition. This does not only make our biometric attendance machines smart and functional, but user friendly, easily deployable and effective as well.

Our time and biometric attendance systems Dubai are perfect for enterprises and corporate offices where effective and intelligent attendance systems and access control solutions are required to manage the security and staff faculty. We provide a complete solution in the form of multi-biometric time attendance machine, centralized time and attendance software, and time and attendance mobile application. Most of our time and attendance devices come with built-in access control, so there is no need for end-users to purchase two separate devices.

We Offer Cutting Edge Biometric Attendance Machines to Global Enterprises

Each one of our biometric attendance systems Dubai comprise of special sensors and cameras for quick and accurate verification and prompt authentication. The innovative software saves the attendance details of employees in a corporation. This helps businesses prevent overpaying employees and maintain a record of their working hours, reporting and leaving times.

What truly sets us apart is the fact that we have been providing biometric attendance machines since the 1990s. Our experience has helped us gain an outstanding reputation across the globe as one of the pioneers in the market for this product range.

Get High Quality, Smart and Efficient Attendance Systems

At ZKTeco, we offer quality, innovation and evolution both in terms of technology and functionality. Our biometric attendance machines are durable, feasible and efficient systems designed to meet your time and attendance needs. We strive hard to attain maximum client satisfaction through premier quality products that make daily attendance operations and security control easier and much more feasible and deployable for our esteemed clients and their teams.

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