• Metal detector integrated with turnstile
  • 15 detection zones
  • 100 sensitivity levels

MST150, the innovative turnstile product of ZKTeco, is designed with a built-in metal detector which enhances security level and greatly boosts the efficiency of security check. By combining inspection and access control, manpower can also be saved up.

  • Integrated design of metal detector and turnstile.
  • No overhead module design.
  • Simple structure and configuration, easy to maintain.
  • 15 detection zones, sensitivity is adjustable for each zone.
  • Built-in LED display, easy to configure.
  • Audio/visual alarms and passing indicators
  • Anti-pinch and Anti-tailgating
Detection Zones 15 zones
Sensitivity 100 levels
Frequency Channel 12
Alarm Relay 1 - 3 s
Open Duration 0.8 s (adjustable)
Delay Close 0 - 5 s
Throughput Speed Maximum 30/minute
Movement Swing
Infrared Sensor 8 pairs
Lid Material Tempered glass
Weight  232 kg (with package)
External Dimensions(mm) 1620 (H)*1100 (D)*1700 (L)
Channel Dimensions(mm) 1620 (H)*720 (D)*1700 (L)
Work Frequency 4KH - 8KH
Working Environment Indoor 
Working Temperature -28°C ~ +50°C
Working Humidity 20% - 95% (non-condensing)
Input Voltage 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz


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MST150 User Manual

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