SBT2000S Series
  • Wide-lane swing gate barrier
  • Available in two colors
  • Anti-collision safety

The SBT2000S Series of wide-passage single-lane swing barriers is an elegant and cost-effective entrance control system specially designed for large parcel delivery and people with physical disabilities.

The SBT2000S Series offers a single-lane swing barrier designed for smooth and quiet operation and draws very little power. The width of the lane is 800mm. The default gate opening/closing time is 3 seconds. The sensitive infrared sensor installed at the bottom part of the gate could avoid accidental hurt by the moving barrier glass. Besides, during a power outage, users could simply push and open the gate then leave the area.

  • A design for both disabled and non-disabled user
  • MCBF of 5-million times
  • Smart indicator modes representing the standby,
    successful verification and access denied status
  • Anti-collision
  • Barrier unlock automatically during a power outage
  • Fast and straightforward card and fingerprint authentication
  SBT2000S SBT2011S SBT2022S
Reader N/A RFID RFID & Fingerprint
Controller N/A PGIC controller PGIC controller
Card Capacity N/A 10,000 100,000
Fingerprint Capacity N/A N/A 3,000
Log Capacity N/A 100,000 100,000
Power Requirements AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Lane Width (mm) 800
Infrared Sensor A sensor
LED Indicator Cold rolled sheet (optional: SUS304 stainless steel)
Lid Material Acrylic
Barrier Material Tempered glass (optional: stainless steel or acrylic)
Barrier Movement Swing
Emergency Mode Support
Working Temperature -15°C to 60°C
Working Humidity 20% to 93% (non-condensing)
Working Environment Indoor / Outdoor (if sheltered)
Dimensions (L*W*H) 202 * 187 * 1109 (mm)
Dimensions with Packing (L*W*H) 280 * 280 * 1160 (mm)
Weight (kg) 24
Weight with Packing (kg) 41

SBT2000S Data Sheet

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SBT2000S Series Installation Guide

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SBT2000S Series User Manual V1.0

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