Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Lock 3D Structured Light Facial Recognition with a Built-in Doorbell and LCD Screen

HBL400 is a multi-biometric, fully automatic smart lock with a built-in indoor monitoring screen. This smart lock can unlock through facial recognition, smartphone fingerprint, IC card and pin code password. Also, HBL400 will lock the door, when users open the door with a smartphone. HBL400 is compatible with ZSmart, an application designed for home automation.

  • 3D Structured Light Facial Recognition
  • Supports Remote Mobile App
  • Audio Instructions
  • Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor
  • Smart Alerts
  • Lock Automatically
  • Temporary Access
  • Wi-Fi Communication
  • Random Passcode
  • Emergency Charging Port
  • Built-in Doorbell
  • Capture Photos / Videos


Material Aluminium Alloy and Tempered Glass
Capacity Face: 50
IC S50 Card: 50
Fingerprint: 100
Password: 50
Events Log Access events records by ZSmart APP
Doorbell calling history; Wrong Password Alert; Remote unlocking history (Free cloud storage for 6 months)
Face Recognition Technology 3D Structured Light Facial Recognition
Communication IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz Wi-Fi)
Facial Recognition Speed <1s
Facial Recognition Distance 0.5m to 1m
Supported Application ZSmart App
Video Camera 1280*720 pixel
Display LCD Screen 3.5 inch, 640*480 pixel
Power Supply 4,200mA; lithium battery
Emergency Interface Micro USB 5V
Mortise Type Chinese standard mortise (6068)
MCBF >100,000
Door Thickness 45mm to 60mm (customizable)
Static Current <80uA
Operating Temperature -25°C to 75°C
Operating Humidity 20% to 90%RH (Non-condensing)
Random Password RH (Non-condensing)
Random Password
Doorbell Supports
Audio Prompts English and Spanish
TF Card Slot Maximum 128 GB
Application Scenarios Duplexes, townhouses, apartments, condos, and residential buildings
Dimensions Outdoor unit: 400*74*23mm (L*W*H)
Indoor unit: 400*74*34.8mm (L*W*H)

HBL400_Data Sheet_20230915

2.56 Mb Data Sheet

HBL400 QSG and IG_20111112

39.35 Mb User Manual