FA50RN / FA50M / FA51M / PV50M
FA50RN / FA50M / FA51M / PV50M
  • 2MP starlight HDR dual-sensor with WDR up to 105dB
  • Facial and palm detection
  • SDK available
FA50RN, FA50M, FA51M, and PV50M are binocular camera modules designed based on high-performance heterogeneous processors. The binocular camera module has built-in facial and palm recognition algorithms. Facial recognition algorithm helps in face detection, alive body detection, mask detection, and can recognize the age, gender, emotional expressions, and identity of a user with his/her face. On the other hand, the palm recognition algorithm supports palm detection, alive body detection for palms, and user identification with palms.
  • 2MP Starlight HDR Dual-sensor with WDR up to 105dB.
  • Detection distance: Facial recognition - 50cm to 200cm, Palm recognition - 15cm to 40cm
  • Provides combination recognition method of facial and palm identification
  • Illuminance of 0.01 lux to 50,000 lux for facial recognition
  • Illuminance of 0.01 lux to 20,000 lux for palm recognition
  • Built-in near-infrared fill light and intelligent switch control based on an image detection algorithm
  • A thorough SDK available, supporting 3 primary OS (Windows, Android & Linux)
  • Image transmission carried out by the UVC protocol.
  • Comparison and results are delivered through
    HID protocol.
General Processor Quad-core Cortex-A7@1.5GHz, 1.2 TOPS (INT8)
Image Sensor Two 1/2.8’’ 2MP HDR CMOS
Camera M8; 2MP; using Visible Light or Near-Infrared light
Communication Interface USB 2.0
Communication Protocol UVC & HID protocol
Power Supply DC5V 1A (min.)
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Operating Humidity 0 to 90% RH
Dimensions (L*W*H) 62 * 38 * 25.3 (mm)
Optical & Image Parameters Camera Type Visible light Near-infrared
Field of View D=73°; H=65°; V=40° D=73°; H=65°; V=40°
Image Resolution & Frame Rate
Wide Dynamic Range 105dB 105dB
Distortion ≤0.5% ≤0.5%
Default Output Format MJPEG NV12
Luminance 0.01 lux to 50,000 lux 0.01 lux to 20,000 lux
Operating System Windows Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Android Android 4.1 or above
ZKLiveFace Algorithm Angle Tolerance Yaw ≤±30°, Pitch ≤±30°, Roll ≤±30°
Face Capacity 50,000 for 1:1 and 1:N comparison
Face Features Recognition Accuracy
Age (±5 y/o) > 85%
Gender > 96%
Emotional expression > 88%
Facial Recognition Accuracy FAR = 0.01% when FRR = 1%, FAR = 0.0001% when FRR = 5%
ZKPalm Algorithm Angle Tolerance Yaw ≤±30°, Pitch ≤±30°, Roll ≤30°, Bend ≤20%
Palm Capacity 6,000 for 1:1 and 1:N comparison
Palm Recognition Accuracy FAR=0.001% when FRR=0.68%
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS
Module Differentiation
FA50RN (Capture Module), FA50M (Facial Recognition Module),
FA51M (Facial and Palm Recognition Module), PV50M (Palm Recognition Module)

FA50 Series Installation Guide

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FA50RN / FA50M / FA51M / PV50M

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