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ZKTeco’s New Series of Turnstile Gates – Mars and Mars Pro


Meet the new generation of ZKTeco turnstile gates – Mars and Mars Pro series which mainly composed of flap barrier turnstiles, swing barrier turnstiles, and speed gates, all ideal to protect and control your perimeter security.

One of the key features of the turnstile gates is that it has a switchable reader panel – RFID only, RFID & fingerprint, RFID & QR Code, RFID & fingerprint & QR code, RFID & card slot, and RFID & card slot & QR code which can reduce the installation time and expenses needed when changing the reader.

Mars series (standard version) is made of stainless steel while the Mars Pro series (premium version) is made of SPCC material with white color powder coating. Both series present a highly durable modularized structure design with low maintenance costs. Infrared sensors sum up to 20 pairs for stronger tailgating detection.

As the pandemic continues, we have received a lot of demand for touchless technologies. Hence, all of the Mars and Mars Pro turnstile gate series can be installed with a palm and face recognition device with mask detection function for the touchless experience.

These turnstile gates can be widely used in entrance lobbies, residential and commercial buildings, sports halls, office areas, metro stations, exhibition centers, and much more.


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