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ZKTeco Dubai Shared the Sameness


It’s been a hot, sweaty, and fun day for ZKTeco Dubai Team as they took part in the yearly campaign “Water for Workers” which is being held during summer and before Ramadan season starts.

“Water for Workers” is a project where volunteers have some hot sweaty fun giving a bottle of water and a “thank you” message to thirsty workers who are working outside of a building, namely gardeners, labourers, service station attendants, delivery men, drivers, etc. These are workers who made their living and didn’t mind the hot temperature and still managed to work in a very hot weather.

The project was joined by ZK Dubai Team and other residents of UAE who volunteered to be out in a 45+ degrees celcius hot to give cold water, face cloths with a print saying “We Care about You” in seven different languages, and a smile. The volunteers have chosen which area they will be assigned and from there, cold water and an appreciation message have been given out to workers.





The main goal of the project was to build the engagement and interaction between the one who gives the water and the one who receives it. The project was not just about giving water but making small conversations with the workers that help erase the boundaries that separate and creating the moment of SAMENESS.

Being part of the project, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the workers smile and thanking us for breaking the boundaries and sharing the sameness and kindness.

Thank you and we all care about you! Till next time!





Author: Monet | Source: ZK Dubai