• Reliable access control logic
  • Stable, fast, and consistent communication
  • System log monitoring

ZKBioAccess is a lite web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco which focused on access control. Its reliable access control module for up to 10 doors comes along with friendly user interface design and simplified system architecture to ensure better access control management performance.

  • New and friendly user interface design
  • Reliable access control logic
  • Stable, fast, and consistent communication
  • Automatic data backup
  • Alarms and events email notification
  • System log monitoring system
  • Supports a maximum of 10 doors management at the remote site
  • Supports inBio/ C3 series devices
  • Supports AI Visible Light Facial Recognition devices such as SpeedFace-H5/V5, FaceDepot-7A/7B
  • Supports standalone access control PUSH firmware devices such us F18/ F19/ BioPro SA30/ MB800/ PA10
  • Available to upgrade to standard ZKBioSecurity software
Software        ZKBioSecurity ZKBioAccess ZKAccess 3.5
Target Market Project Charged (System Integration) SMB Charged (Channel Distribution) Free Software (Channel Distribution)
Architecture B/S * B/S C/S
Protocol Push SDK * Push SDK & Pull SDK Standalone SDK & Pull SDK
Access Control Devices -Access Control Panels (inBio Pro Series)
-Green Label Standalone Series Devices 
(ProCapture-T / ProBio / ProFAC / etc.)
-AI Visible Light Facial Recognition Series Devices
-Access Control Panels (C3 Series / inBio Series)
-Standalone Access Control Devices with PUSH Firmware
(F18 / F19 / F21 / MB800 / PA10)
-*AI Visible Light Facial Recognition Series Devices
-Access Control Panels (C3 Series / inBio Series)
-Standalone Access Control Devices 
with Pull & Standalone Firmware 
(SC700 / MA500 / iClock Series / etc.)
Multiple Admin Login *Supported *Supported N/A

PostgreSQL (Default)

MS SQL Server & Oracle (Optional)


Microsoft Office Access (Default)

MS SQL Server 2005 or above (optional)

License Control Supported Supported Supported (Official Website to Download Public License)
Service Policy 1 Year Free Warranty * 1 Year Free Warranty No Maintenance
License Fee Contact us for Pricing Contact us for Pricing Free Software (Channel Distribution)



ZKBioAccess Data Sheet (multi-language)_20190730 V1

0.88 Mb Data Sheet

ZKBioAccess Changelog V1_20190730

0.26 Mb User Manual


16.99 Mb Software

ZKBioAccess Installation Guide-20190528 (software version_1.0.0)

0.8 Mb Installation Guide

ZKBioAccess User Manual 1.0_20190528 (software version_1.0.0)

17.62 Mb User Manual

ZKBioAccess Hardware Suggestion List_20190122

0.26 Mb User Manual