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ZKTeco Presented Silk ID to Hong Kong Police Force


ZKTeco was invited by the Hong Kong Police Force Crime Prevention Bureau, to be a speaker of the Security System Seminar on 19th May. Presenting the latest launched fingerprint verification product, Silk ID, to promote an effective anti-spoof security solution in Hong Kong Police Headquarters.

The use of fingerprint verification method in security industry has been long prevailing. The emergence of fake fingerprint products, however, is causing threats to its safeness. Noticing market’s demand in this aspect, ZKTeco’s professional engineering team has developed a new and innovative fingerprint verification terminal, Silk ID, with 3D Neurons Model Algorithm applied. Silk ID possesses highly accurate fingerprint verification system. This not only enables it  to identify thus reject fake fingerprints, but also to avoid problems of conventional fingerprint verification devices, such as their poor performance in dealing with too dry, wet or rough fingers, or under low light intensity.

The seminar has successfully aroused great interests among attendees and received positive feedback. It has been ZKTeco’s great pleasure to be invited. We, as always, will continue to devote ourselves to developing and providing excellent security products for clients, as well as to endeavor to prevent crime.

 Author: Shelley          Source: ZKTeco