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ZKTeco Hybrid Biometric Verification Technology Initiates the New Era of Entrance, Car Entrance and Freight Inspection








On 29 October , 2017, The 16th CPSE China Public Security Expo has begun in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The Security of the Organization Committee of the CPSE, and the leaders of Huawei China had given speeches and their wishes to the CPSE actively promoting the interaction and exchange between China’s security industry and the global security industry. They also indicated that there would be a great step forward of the China’s security industry with the establishment of Sky-Eye Project and Snow Shine Project. In the CPSE, more than 20 CEOs, CTOs and CMOs from ZKTeco branches had attended and had participated in the grand opening with other leaders and guests.

In the CPSE, ZKTeco presented its theme of “Hybrid Biometric Verification, Artificial Intelligence, and Smart Security” in 1B37, Hall 1, and displayed BIO4 Smart City, BIO4 Entrance, Car Entrance, and Freight Inspection Solution, BIO4 Identity Authentication, BIO4 Integrated Chips, BIO4 Smart Entrance, BIO4 Smart Office, BIO4 Video Surveillance, BIO4 Smart Lock, BIO4 Artificial Intelligence etc., which fully demonstrated the security industry applied industry ecosystem constructed by hybrid biometric verification technology.

ZKTeco, with its independent intellectual property rights fingerprint verification technique as base, gradually deepens the development and the release of the independent intellectual property rights face recognition, finger vein verification algorithms, palm and palm vein verification algorithms, iris verification algorithms, and hybrid verification algorithms which integrates various single biometric verification algorithms; O2O Identity Authentication Solutions and Big Data Services based on hybrid biometric verification techniques; Entrance, Car Entrance, Freight Inspection Solutions; enterprise-level IoT solutions and big data ecosystem services; the construction of security industry hybrid biometric verification technique applied industry ecosystem.

On the first day of the CPSE, ZKTeco along with global exhibitors, together witnessed the future developmental prospects of ZKTeco and CPSE.