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ZKTeco – Constructing an Applied Business Ecosystem of Security Industry Hybrid Biometric Verification Techniques








On 30th October 2017, the second day of CPSE, ZKTeco has displayed the applied business ecosystem of hybrid biometric verification techniques in security industry.


ZKTeco, based on independent intellectual property rights hybrid biometric verification techniques, has developed independent biometric verification chips, and has applied to consumer electronic goods and industry-level products including access control, entrance gate, carpark, elevator control, visitor management, security inspection device, and identity card etc. and with hybrid biometric verification technique as base developed entrance, car entrance, freight management integrated solutions, smart city integrated applied management platform, O2O IoT identity authentication cloud platform, and has perfectly combined biometric verification techniques and security industry, which provide users higher friendliness and convenience.

ZKTeco has been pioneering in the trend of hybrid biometric verification techniques, multi modal biometric verification modes and touchless, compact deep-learning biometric technologies, have combined with the Internet and IoT, and are applied in smart security, smart identity authentication, smart security inspection etc. various fields. It also is the first to realize a vertical smart ecosystem integrating development, production, sales, and service with above-the-line and below-the-line composition, which altogether construct a biometric verification business ecosystem with ZKTeco features.

In the industry trend of the intelligence and system orientation in security industry, ZKTeco utilizes “Hybrid Biometric Verification Techniques” as core, and relies on AI and smart computing technique development, and integrates several hundreds of smart AI open platform solutions, uniquely promotes smart city integrated solutions, which include: dynamic face recognition platform, smart community, video big data platform, smart construction, smart site, smart education, smart prison etc. smart management fields. Smart city shall be the development trend of security industry in the future, in the smart era that everything is mutually connected, in the time of the integration of AI and new security techniques, ZKTeco shall hold tight the developmental philosophy of “Hybrid Biometric Verification, IoT, Big Data, Big Security”, and make a path for the sustainable and long-term development in the future.

The complementary expansion and the smart city integrated solutions of hybrid biometric verification technique applied industry ecosystem proposed by ZKTeco, guests and visitors have expressed strong positive feedbacks for further cooperation, and agreed to make exploration and research with ZKTeco, and together promote the new development of security industry with innovation and renovation.