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Technical Seminar to Strengthen Partnership in Chile


Technical seminars and commercial meetings can be instrumental to get in touch with the clients and strength the partnership. ZKTeco recognizes the significance of communication in business and thus keeps hosting the events.

Dated 2nd and 17th June respectively, staff in Chile and approximately 70 clients were presented in the city of Santiago de Chile to attend ZK’s seminar. Gustavo Maluenda and Will Lei, Product Manager and Sales Manager of ZKTeco Chile, were the speakers releasing the company news and explaining the implementation of ZK’s T&A devices. The topics covered from Smart Lock, InBio Panel, the premium line Green Label to software like ZKAccess 3.5 and ZKBioSecurity 3.0.

From the feedback of the attendees, ZK was labelled as a preferable company delivering good quality at a reasonable price. Without this seminar, the communication of the buyer and the seller would never be exchanged and understood better. After all, the meet up was cheering!



Author: Evelyn Alquicira | Source: ZKTeco Chile