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Hybrid Biometric Verification for the Journey of Internationalization








On 1st November, 2017, the 16th China Public Security Expo (CPSE) finally had its curtain down after four days of exhibition. In these four days, there had been an incessant stream of friends visiting ZKTeco’s booth, we hereby express our most sincere gratefulness.

In the CPSE, ZKTeco with the theme “Hybrid Biometric Verification, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Security” has presented integrated solutions of hybrid biometric verification techniques and visitor, car entrance and freight management, various products integrating smart city, identity authentication, AI and big data analysis. They also attracted visitors and gained positive feedbacks from the industry.

ZKTeco regards “Responsibility, Integrity, Practicality, and Excellence” as our core values, and strives to practice them in product development, manufacturing, and sales process. In ZKTeco’s journey of development, we stand on the fundamental and open our eyes to the entire world, and established innovation centers in Silicon Valley focusing on hybrid biometric verification techniques and IoT, laboratories in Europe focusing on cloud platform, cloud computing and big data, applied software base and date operation center in Xiamen, development base for customization services in Dalian, and branches and offices in Spain, Mexico, Dubai, Iran, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Argentina, and South Africa etc., which are in charge of ZKTeco’s global business operation and the construction of internationalized marketing and service networks, in order to enable the global distribution of our products and the realization of global integration.

Although the 16th CPSE has ended, ZKTeco’s steps of industry cultivation and independent innovations remain. In the past, ZKTeco had the honor to have your witness our rapid development. In the future, ZKTeco shall by flying high with you. Believe in ZKTeco, choose ZKTeco, the take-off of security industry’s innovations has arrived, ZKTeco invites every one of the industry experts to hold hands to create a new era of hybrid biometric verification smart cities.