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Congratulations for ZKAccess’ first annual manufacturers rep conference held on August 16th in our Silicon Valley USA Innovation Center








Attending the conference were ZKAccess’ top manufacturers’ representatives along with our SilkID Chief Scientist Ken Brownlee.

Representing ZKAccess were John, Larry, Manish, Anna, Darcy, Michele and Ami.

If you’re not aware, in the USA, most manufacturers of security products use independent manufacturers’ representatives (MRs) to promote the sale of the manufacturer’s respective products.  Likewise, for the past 3 years ZKAccess has contracted over 30 MRs from across the USA.  These MRs are the key to success for ZKAccess because these MRs are able to convince their local security distributors to carry & promote ZKTeco products. Their distributors then advertise ZKTeco products to their thousands of surrounding security dealer/customers. By effectively leveraging our MRs and their distributors, ZKAccess has been able to build a network of over 1,500 ZKAccess dealers throughout the US and Canada!
These MRs are typically 50-75 years old, often having 25+ years’ experience selling security-related products. In order to learn from their collective wisdom, on August 16th ZKAccess invited our top MRs to participate in our 1st annual ZKAccess Manufacturers Representative conference. The conference was held in our new Innovation Center in Silicon Valley.Prior to the conference, to help stimulate our MR’s creative thinking, we invited them all to the world famous Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley:

At the museum we learned about the evolution of the first microprocessors and computers, as well as, the exciting biographies of technology pioneers Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  We also learned about the future of computers and their role in creating new industries surrounding robotics, artificial intelligence . . . even driver-less cars.  Many of these technologies will be incorporated into ZKTeco’s current and future product roadmap.At the conference we discussed very important topics which are vital to our sustained growth in the US security industry.  We obtained valuable feedback from our MRs regarding products, competition, pricing, marketing & promotional opportunities, case studies, and more.  After a successful conference we all enjoyed a well-deserved celebratory dinner.The conference was never end-ending data collection, brain-storming, analyzing and of course, fun!We intend conducting an MR conference every year.  If you plan on being in the US next year, we invite you to come join us!